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Relaxor properties of ceramic solid solutions in SrTi0₃-BiSc0₃ system= Релаксорные свойства керамических твердых растворов системы SrTiO₃-BiScO₃

Дата публикации: 2011

Дата публикации в реестре: 2020-02-28T09:01:29Z


For the first time, ceramic solid solutions of (1-x)SrTi0₃-xBiSc0₃ system with x=0,0.05,0.1,0.2,0.25,0.3,0.35,0.4,0.45 and 0.5 have been synthesized via solid-state processing techniques. Final compounds of this system are not ferroelectric materials. The XRD analysis revealed that, at room temperature, all compositions under study (excepting pure SrTiOз) consist of mixture of the center-symmetric cubic Рm3m, phase and the polar tetragonal P4mm, phase. The EBSD mapping has been applied to image the two-phase structure. It was found that, fraction of the cubic phase decreases and fraction of the tetragonal phase increases when x arises. Anomalous behavior of dielectric permittivity and dielectric losses have been found for these samples which are specific for ferroelectrics with diffuse phase transition

Тип: Article

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