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Solvent Influence on the Diels-Alder Reaction Rates of 9-(Hydroxymethyl)anthracene and 9,10-Bis(hydroxymethyl)anthracene with Two Maleimides

Cyclic and Acyclic NN Bonds in Reactions with Some Alkenes and Dienes

Molecular tectonics: from a binuclear metallamacrocycle to a 1D isostructural coordination network based on tetracyanomethyl[]metacyclophane and a silver cation

Effect of hydrostatic pressure, temperature, and solvent on the rate of the Diels–Alder reaction between 9,10-anthracenedimethanol and maleic anhydride

One-step synthesis of gold colloids using amidoaminocalix[4]resorcinarenes as reducing and stabilizing agents. Investigation of naproxen binding

The supramolecular approach to the phase transfer of carboxylic calixresorcinarene-capped silver nanoparticles

Supramolecular nanoscale systems based on amphiphilic tetramethylensulfonatocalix[4]resorcinarenes and cationic polyelectrolyte with controlled guest molecule binding

Novel thermoresponsive water-soluble oligomers based on amphiphilic calixresorcinarenes

Unusual nanosized associates of carboxy-calix[4]resorcinarene and cetylpyridinium chloride: the macrocycle as a glue for surfactant micelles

The relationship between self-organization and membrane effects of aqueous dispersion systems of the thyroliberin oligopeptide

Страница 1 из 4