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Complexes of N-thiophosphorylthioureas RNHC(S)NHP(S)(OiPr)2 (HL) (R = pyridin-2-yl, pyridin-3-yl, 6-amino-pyridin-2-yl) with copper(I): Crystal structures of Cu(PPh3)nL (n = 1, 2)

The influence of the substituent [PhNHNH- and EtN(NH2)-] on the N-thiophosphorylated thiosemicarbazides RC(S)NHP(S)(OiPr)2 crystal design

Complexes of N-thiophosphorylthiourea α-naphthylnhc(S)NHP(S)(OiPr)2 (HL) with copper(I). crystal structures of HL and Cu(PPh3)2L

Complexes of crown ether-containing N-phosphorylated thioamides and thioureas with CoII, ZnII and PdII cations

Complexes of N-(thio)phosphorylthioureas AdNHC(S)NHP(X)(OiPr)2 (X = O, S) with cobalt(II), zinc(II), and cadmium(II). Crystal structure of Co[AdNHC(S)NP(S)(OiPr)2]2

Pd[tBuNH(S)NHP(O)(OiPr)2-S]2Cl2 complex as air- and moisture-stable catalyst for palladium catalyzed suzuki cross-coupling reaction

Nanoparticles and thin films of silver from complexes of derivatives of N-(diisopropylthiophosphoryl) thioureas


Reaction of diethyl 3-methyl-1,2-butadienylphosphonate with 1,10-diaza-18-crown-6

The influence of an intramolecular hydrogen bond on the 1,3-N,S-coordination of crown ether-containing N-phosphorylthiourea with Ni II

Страница 1 из 3