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Correctional education development in China: an exploratory analysis of quantitative data between 2009 and 2016

Micro and Macro Typological Features of the Morphology of the Turkish Language: Conflicting Views between WALS Database and Non-WALS Database

Architecture of information structure: implications from the t-model on the realisation aspects of topic and focus using examples from modern standard Arabic, English and Turkish languages

Non-verbal Communication across Cultures: a Case Study of Chinese, Polish, Turkish and (Yemeni) Arabic Cultures

The cooperative principle in political discourse: flouting gricean maxims in modern standard arabic political speeches

The effect of the National plan (2010-2020) on the development of preschool education in China: evidence from before-after design at a 7-year interval and policy analysis

Readability of firms disclosure and cost of equity capital: an empirical study of chinese listed companies

A study on learning styles and their possible effect on academic performance among university students in Glasgow

The power supply system and control units of plasma nitriding

Influence of plasma nitriding on surface roughness of steels

Страница 2 из 67859