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Evidence for the singly Cabibbo suppressed decay Λc+ →pη and search for Λc+ →pπ0+e− collisions at a center-of-mass energy of √s=4.6 GeV. The data sample was collected by the BESIII detector

Observation of Λc+ →nK0Sπ+. The analysis is performed using 567  pb−1 of e+e− collision data collected at √s=4.599  GeV with the BESIII

IMPACT OF VARROA MITE INFESTATION ON THE MANDIBULAR AND HYPOPHARYNGEAL GLANDS OF HONEY BEE WORKERSVarroa mite infestation was first detected in Iraq in the mid 1980s (Food and Agriculture

Effect of nicotinamide on the photolysis of riboflavin in aqueous solution) for the bimolecular interaction of RF and NA range from 0.54 (pH 1.0) to 9.66 M–1 min–1 (pH 12.0). The log k2–p

Amplitude analysis of the KSKS system produced in radiative J/ψ decays

Measurement of branching fractions for ψ (3686) →γη', γη, and γπ0

Measurements of cross section of e+e−→pp¯π0 at center-of-mass energies between 4.008 and 4.600 GeV

Measurement of cross sections of the interactions e+e− → φφω and e+e− → φφφ at center-of-mass energies from 4.008 to 4.600 GeV

Measurement of the absolute branching fraction for Λc + → Λμ+νμ

Observation of the doubly radiative decay η' → γγπ0

Страница 5 из 67859