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The Impact of the Foreign Direct Investments on the Economic Growth

The main trends of foreign direct investment flows from Lebanon to Belarus

Economic indicators of foreign direct investment in Lebanon

Theoretical aspects of influence of direct foreign investments on economy

On the use of multivariate analysis and land evaluation for potential agricultural development of the northwestern coast of Egypt

Near infrared spectroscopy techniques for soil contamination assessment in the Nile Delta contaminated soil. 25 different sites were selected adjacent to drain Bahr El-Baqar east of Nile Delta

Vis‐nir spectroscopy and satellite landsat‐8 oli data to map soil nutrients in arid conditions: A case study of the northwest coast of egypt, 100 surface samples of soil were gathered to a depth of 25 cm in the Wadi El‐Garawla area (the

Phytochemical properties, biological activities and medicinal use of Centaurium erythraea Rafn

Conditioning innovation of office buildingsTechnologies aren`t at a stop that`s why it is possible to safely say that the age of elementary

Integrated method for rice cultivation monitoring using Sentinel-2 data and Leaf Area Index out in an experimental site in the Kafr El-Sheikh governorate with a total area of 3240 ha. The multi

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