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Всадник из погребения VII-VI вв. до н. э.: История жизни и смерти по данным физической антропологии (экспертиза останков из памятника Ширакаван) анализа для исторической реконструкции . The article provides the description a human skeleton, recovered

Office hysteroscopy in the management of infertility: past, present and future

The basic prinsiples of design and construction for ecologocal towns

On Solvability of one Class of Nonlinear Integral-differential Equation with Hammerstein Non-compact Operator Arising in a Theory of Income DistributionIn present paper we investigate a class of nonlinear integral- differential equation

Institutional Transformation in Armenia in 1990-2012 in Armenia in 1990—2012. During the first years of independence the president as a political actor

Origin and diffusion of human Y chromosome haplogroup J1-M267Human Y chromosome haplogroup J1-M267 is a common male lineage in West Asia. One high

Drug provision and health technology assessment in France evaluates medical products, procedures, services and technologies from a medical and economic points of view

The referendum in Catalonia and its impact on Spain''s foreign policy, NATO. Moreover, the authors led the position of the world community as a whole and the main

Restaurant Business: Trends and Opportunities in the Covid—19 Era

Complementary and alternative medicine in epilepsy: A global survey of physicians’ opinionsComplementary and alternative medicine in epilepsy: A global survey of physicians’ opinions

Страница 1 из 22190