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Synthesis of some flurophenyl 4-oxocyclopentane[d]isoxazolines and their dioxolane derivatives

trans-Hydroxylation of cyclopent-5-ene[d]isoxazolines

Synthesis of some isoxazoline, isoxazole and pyrazole carboxylic acids as the precursors of new 1,2-diacyl-1-alkylhydrazines

Synthesis of (2-fluorophenyl) and (4-fluorophenyl)-(2-nitromethyl)-methanones as precursors of fluorinated prostanoids

The catalytic hydrogenation of 3-(2-fluorophenyl)- and 3-(4-fluorophenyl)-4,4-ethylenedioxycyclopenta[d]isoxazolines

The interaction of (2-fluorophenyl) and (4-fluorophenyl)-(2-nitomethylcyclopentyl)methanone with phenylacetylene

Synthesis and reductive cleavage of 3-(2-flurophenyl) and 3-(4-flurophenyl)-cyclopent-5-en[d]isoxazolines by raney nickel in trifluroacetic acid

Ideal spaces of measurable operators affiliated to a semifinite von Neumann algebra

Paranormal measurable operators affiliated with a semifinite von Neumann algebra

On the $\tau$-compactness of products of $\tau$-measurable operators adjoint to semi-finite von Neumann algebras, and P´olya) of products of $\tau$-measurable operators and a sufficient condition of orthogonality

Страница 1 из 9963