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Etiology of community-acquired pneumonia in patients with chronic heart failure

Болезни органов дыхания

Utility of serum biomarkers for diagnosis of community-acquired pneumonia in patients with concomitant chronic heart failure

Can lung ultrasound predict histologic pattern of lung injury in critically ill patients with COVID‑19?

Pain, Swelling and Blue Discoloration of Right Hand in a COVID-19 Patient.

Solitary superconductivity in a ferromagnet–superconductor heterostructure© 2015, Pleiades Publishing, Inc. A ferromagnet (F)–superconductor (S) (F1F2S

The phase diagrams of the ferromagnet-superconductor trilayers in external magnetic fieldWe investigate the critical properties of asymmetrical trilayers F 1F2S and F1SF2 structures

The subsets of peripheral blood monocytes in cancer patients

The spin valve device based on asymmetrical ferromagnet-superconductor trilayer in an external magnetic field are presented. The appearance of solitary superconductivity is predicted for The F1F2S system. We also discuss

Critical temperature of a ferromagnet/superconductor structures in a parallel magnetic fieldTwo- and three-layered structures consisting of ferromagnetic metal (F) film and superconductor (S

Страница 1 из 16058