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Oswald Schmiedeberg - the "father" of experimental pharmacology

Nanoparticles as agents for targeted delivery in the treatment of vascular pathologies

3D organotypic cell structures for drug development and Microorganism-Host interaction research

Molecular screening of prospective candidates for TRPA₁ ion channel selective antagonists

Search and evaluation of pharmacodynamic and pharmacokinetic parameters of selective blocker of TRPA₁ ion channels from the group of substituted pyrazinopyrimidinones

Ion channel TRPA₁ is a promising therapeutic target for treatment of pain

The study of the chemical composition of sorption substances

Pharmacokinetic studies derived indole SS-68 with antiarrhythmic and antianginal properties

Investigation of releasing therapeutic solutions from soft contact lens surfaces constructed by nanoparticles

Properties and Prospects of Application of the Whey Protein Lactoferrin in Medicine and Veterinary Medicine (Review) this compound for the treatment and prevention of the new coronavirus infection SARS-CoV-2, as well

Страница 1 из 78260