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From Electronic to Smart Library Systems: Concept, Classification of Services, Scheme of Work and ModelThe university library is presented as a complex system that includes elements with various

Виртуальная историческая реконструкция троицкой церкви г. ЕнисейскThe article describes the experience of creating a virtual historical reconstruction of the Trinity

Implementation of Project Approach to the Formation of Electronic Information Resources activity. The paper proposes the ways of improving information and library activities in a university

Informatization of Education: Reader Personal Account and Electronic Library in UniversityThis paper reviews historical aspect of informatization in a university, underlines the key part

Electronic Library: Genesis, Trends. From Electronic Library to Smart Library and prerequisites for the transition to a new level, to smart libraries. The text presents a historical overview

Semiconductor materials for IR optoelectronics

Transformation of University Libraries During the Digital Era the question of its study is relevant. The transition to a new digital economy model contributes to improving

Semiconductor materials for IR optoelectronics

The organic photoexcited laser is red range of a rangeThe organic photoexcited laser is red range of a range

The regional spectra for the entrepreneurial motives and the dissemination of entrepreneurs' knowledge in the context of modern discursive formation of entreneurship of meanings ascribed by the entrepreneurs to their occupations as a special object within entrepreneurial

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