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Chaos in saw map

Dynamics of discrete time systems with a hysteresis stop operator

Industry 4.0 and future of industrial petrochemistryGlobal technology entrepreneurs and investors have already begun turning their attention

Thin-walled composite and plastic shells for civil and industrial buildings and erectionsCommercial production of synthetic resin has begun at the beginning of the XX century. In 1950s

“Nonclassical effects” of vitamin D in menopausal women, the ideas of vitamin D have begun to expand in the 21 century. Vitamin D is also called hormone D

National stand artization system as the basis for economic competitiveness of domestic business risk in acceptance of management decisions. That is why, developed countries have begun to recognize

Population health indicators under conditions of environmental risk intermitting rate of the urban and rural population has begun to decline, amounting to 13.5 and 8.8 per 1000 people

THE ROLE OF PAVEL TRETYAKOV IN THE HISTORY OF RUSSIAN ART purposefully begun to be engaged in collecting activities. In 1860-ies Tretyakov's collection got the pictures

Formation of collections of ancient Egyptian monuments in Russian museums in the early XX century necessary measure, since begun forced nationalization of works of art that were in private hands. In any

Impact of blockchain technology for modification of the supply chain management in energy markets characteristics have begun to be actively introduced. Similar aspirations are realized in Russia, where smart

Страница 1 из 11246