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Scalar field vacuum polarization on homogeneous spaces with an invariant metric

Vacuum quantum effects on Lie groups with bi-invariant metricsWe consider the effects of vacuum polarization and particle creation of a scalar field on Lie

The Dirac equation in an external electromagnetic field: symmetry algebra and exact integration found a new type of solutions that are not obtained by separation of variables for several external

Interaction between two point-like charges in nonlinear electrostaticsWe consider two point-like charges in electrostatic interaction within the framework of a nonlinear

Spectra of electronic excitations in graphene near coulomb impurities-like case theory of self-adjoint extensions of symmetric operators. In the point-like case, we construct a

Noncommutative integrability of the Klein-Gordon and Dirac equations in (2+1)-dimensional spacetime

Symmetry operators and separation of variables in the (2 + 1)-dimensional Dirac equation with external electromagnetic field coefficients for the Dirac equation with an external electromagnetic potential in a (2+1)-dimensional Riemann

Мобильный банкинг, рейтинговые агентства и аккредитивы: синергетический эффект and revealed the Buyer’s risks, assessed them on a general basis, examined possibilities for rating agencies

Discussions of the 1960–1970s on the Spatial and Economic Development of Siberia: Searching for a Balance between Heavy and Light Industries and Agriculture), though the amount of its conceptual scientific and research findings was a way below the ones of CSPR

Автоматизация электропривода механизма подъёма мостового крана

Страница 1 из 25133