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Способы повышения пластических свойств холоднодеформированной арматурыMethods of increasing the plastic properties of cold-worked reinforcement

Синтетический подход к разработке технологии изготовления холоднодеформированной арматуры с учетом требований ТНПА и потребностей рынкаSynthetic approach to the development of technology for manufacture of cold-deformed reinforcements

Анализ требований к качественным характеристикам холоднодеформированной арматуры класса Вр500Analysis of the requirements for the quality characteristics of cold-formed reinforcement of class

Stress fields in the surface layer of composites with spherical reinforcing grains on cutting treatment of composite materials with spherical shape of reinforcement has been simulated. The polarization

Buckling Modes of Structural Elements of Off-Axis Fiber-Reinforced Plastics
of unidirectional fiber-reinforced composites — with an ELUR-P carbon fiber tape, an XT-118 cold-cure binder

Durability assessment of basalt fiber polymer as reinforcement to expanded clay concrete in harsh environmentBasalt fiber-reinforced polymer composites are receiving considerable attention as they represent a

Modal analysis of three-dimensional finite element models of reinforced concrete structuresIn this article modal analysis of reinforced concrete structures by the Finite Element Method

Numerical investigation of effective mechanical properties of metal-ceramic composites with reinforcing inclusions of different shapes under intensive dynamic impacts with reinforcing ceramic inclusions of different shapes. Values of effective sound velocities, elastic moduli

Static, vibration, and buckling analyses and applications to one-sheet hyperboloidal shells of revolution, and static, vibrational, and buckling analysis of thin-walled constructions and buildings in the shape

Research on general and axisymmetric ellipsoidal shells used as domes, pressure vessels, and tanks, and buckling analysis of thin-walled structures and buildings in the shape of general and axisymmetric

Страница 1 из 1004