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Laboratory research of efficacy of preobturated preparations of the root canal by fad method

Studying epidemiology of stomatologic diseases of the children's population of republic Northern-Osetia Alania

Immuninflammatory activation in development of inflammatory diseases periodontium at patients with a diabetes

Diathermocoagulation: substantiation of application in endodontic treatment

Clinical & radiological estimation of efficiency of use of antiseptic solution "octenisept" for medicamentous processing root canals at patients with chronic forms of the top periodontitis

Assessment of the oral microbiome in the development of recurrent oral aphthae in patients with gastrointestinal pathology

Dental diseases prevention and treatment among foreign students from different regions of the world

Introduction of tactile simulator virteasy dental to teach the students of dental faculty at Russian peoples friendship university

Second Mesiobuccal Canal Evaluation Features with Cone-Beam Computed Tomography

Paradontium prevention for PFUR students from southeast Аsia

Страница 1 из 10892