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A review on trust propagation and opinion dynamics in social networks and group decision making frameworks to have a broader impact on a wide range of scenarios, from large scale decision making procedures

Migration flow management as crime prevention during and after COVID-19 of the States management decisions during the pandemic concerning migrants, based on the goals

Formalization of the alternatives ranking method for group decision making in social networks [ФОРМАЛИЗАЦИЯ МЕТОДА РАНЖИРОВАНИЯ АЛЬТЕРНАТИВ ДЛЯ ПРОЦЕССА ГРУППОВОГО ПРИНЯТИЯ РЕШЕНИЙ ПРИ АНАЛИЗЕ СОЦИАЛЬНЫХ СЕТЕЙ] or vote can be easily organized, become a powerful mechanism for achieving consensus in decision making

Numerical Study of the Consensus Degree Between Social Network Users in the Group Decision Making Process of the created environment are well suited for conducting group decision making processes: a large number

Usage of Expert Decision-Making Support Systems in Information Operations DetectionIn this paper a methodology for application of expert data-based decision support tools while

OLAP-технологии как инструментарий поддержки принятия решенийOLAP technology as decision-making support tool

Teaching communication skills and decision-making to university studentsTeaching communication skills and decision-making to university students

Garbage can model: Reconstruction and logical analysis can model' (GCM or CMO). The article describes the general case of decision making under heavy load

Conceptual provisions for assessing the effectiveness of energy saving of performance indicators for the creation of models and methods of decision-making support in the process

STEREOTYPING OF MISTAKES IN DECISION-MAKING decision making. Stereotyping is probably an inevitable phenomenon, because it is related to human

Страница 5 из 2066