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Reverse-phase HPLC in the analysis of plant oils. Monitoring of authenticity and detection of adulteration of sea buckthorne oil

Studies of Physalis alkekengi L. fruits as a source of xanthophylls

Regularities of Anthocyanins Retention in RP HPLC for "water-Acetonitrile-Phosphoric Acid" Mobile Phases detection. © 2015 V. I. Deineka et al.

Flowers of marigold (Tagetes) species as a source of xanthophylls

Anthocyans from fruit of some plants of the caprifoliaceae family

Anthocyans from fruit of certain plants of the genus prunus=Антоцианы плодов некоторых растений рода Prunus

Analysis of vegetable oils by high-performance liquid chromatography

Determination of carotenoids of tomato fruits of different colors

HPLC investigation of triglycerides from plants of the lamiaceae family

Anthocyanins of basil leaves: Determination and preparation of dried encapsulated forms

Страница 1 из 17539