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Student migration from the CIS countries to Russia and problems of intercultural communication formation in an international student environment

The educational policy strategy on foreign citizens coming to the Russian Federation, as a factor of their socio-cultural adaptation and integration to the candidates. The practical value is that this study became the basis for the development of a single database

Peculiarities of comprehensive examination in Russia for foreign citizens with visual impairments and musculoskeletal system disordersThe article deals with the conditions for a comprehensive examination for the right of employment

Socioeconomic and geographical assessment of Latin America's potential for promoting Russian languageIn a highly competitive environment between the leading world powers for spheres of geopolitical

The formation of indoaniline dye on silver and copper-silver hydrosol particles of a reaction scheme with the rate-determining step of the formation of a semi-quinone radical

Translation-oriented reading of scientific-technical texts vs ordinary reading: Psychological and psycholinguistic aspects that the translator arrives at a concept representing the content and meaning to be retrieved from the text

INTEGRATION EXAMINATION FOR MIGRANTS IN RUSSIA: LEGAL REGULATION AND METHODICAL PROVISIONThe aim of this article lies in the consideration of integration examination on Russian as a

Specific features of special discourse genres in information technology typical genres: press release, instruction, corporate website and user’s manual. A discourse analysis

Russian language testing and integrated examination for foreign citizens in Russia: Legislation background and legal regulation specific features

Information technologies as applied to translation of specialized texts

Страница 1 из 18430