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The effect of external magnetic field on dielectric permeability of multiphase ferrofluids. The findings suggest that the considered ferrofluid can be used as a magnetic level gauge or in design

Effect of temperature on the magnetic permeability of hexagonal ferrites been studied. It is show, that there is a nonlinear dependence on temperature within the 0 – +40 °C

Interaction of microwave radiation with composites containing nanosized hexaferrite, multiferroics, carbon nanostructures and silicon binderA new composite consisting of nanosized powders of hexaferrites BaFe12O19 (ВаМ), multiferroics Co1

Effect of ultrasonic treatment on electromagnetic properties of composites based on multiwall carbon nanotubes at microwave frequency range

Effect of ultrasonic treatment on the X-band microwave absorption of multiwalled carbon nanocomposite about 18.6 nm and 9.4 nm in diameter. As a result, it is shown that the use different morphology MWCNTs

Dielectric permeability of multiwall carbon nanotubes based composites, which are measured by a resonator method-dispersion color as a binder. The rectangular cavity was used to measurements. It is shown that the location

Analysis and reoperation of the magnetic permeability spectra of textured composite based on Z-type hexaferrite by using Cramers-Kronig relations

Electromagnetic properties of texture composite materials based on hexagonal ferrites/multiwalled carbon nanotubes

Structure, magnetic properties and electromagnetic response of Y-type hexaferrites and hexaferrite-based composite materialsThe paper presents a study of the phase composition, morphology, magnetic and electromagnetic

Influence of ultrasonic treatment on electromagnetic characteristics of composites based on multiwall carbon nanotubes at wide range of frequencies (100 Hz - 258 GHz) linear. The results showed that composite material based on nanotubes with a diameter of 9.4 nm has a

Страница 1 из 22219