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Editorial: New Advances in RNA Targeting

Covid-19: Financial Impact and Disclosure of companies from different sectors over the first quarter of the year 2020 with a view to identifying

Implementation of differential scanning calorimetry when studying polymerization of compounds based on glycolic acid ether, kinetic regularities of copolymerization of α- glycolide and a mixture of α-β-glycolide with D

The capabilities of neuro- and pathopsychology in the provision of psychological assistance to patients with symptoms of PTSD

Novel acidophilic, metal-tolerant sulfate-reducing bacteria can produce nano-size transition metal sulfides

Study of the microstructure of synthesized laminates using a microstructural analysis. The structure and composition of the samples are studied by X

NOTES ON PARAGUAY PLACE NAMES, highlight their historic, structural and semantic peculiarities. A special attention is paid to toponyms

Blow-up for nonlinear inequalities with gradient terms and singularities on unbounded sets

Levels and criteria for understanding of the scientific text in the pre-university period' understanding of the scientific text. Teaching scientific language presupposes work with scientific texts at a

The impact of snow cover on nutrients dynamics in Western Siberia territories

Страница 5 из 22219