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English through methods of active teaching and learning: textbookEnglish through methods of active teaching and learning: textbook

UNIQUE FEATURES OF KIWI ENGLISH IN NEW ZEALAND of British, American, Australian, some local variants of the English language and the Māori language. All

LEXICO-GRAMMATICAL PECULIARITIES OF THE REGIONAL ENGLISH LANGUAGEThis article discusses the features of the Irish version of English at the lexical and grammatical

Reading an English Romanticism Essay in EAP Classes: Considerations and ApproachesReading an English Romanticism essay in an engineering students' class is a challenge, especially

Fairy tales at secondary school English lessons of integrated lessons (combination of teaching literature and English). Unconventional forms of work allow

ОСОБЕННОСТИ ИСПОЛЬЗОВАНИЯ ИНВЕРСИИ В АНГЛИЙСКИХ ПРОСТЫХ ПРЕДЛОЖЕНИЯХ: ИСТОРИЧЕСКИЙ АСПЕКТThe article analyzes development of English inversion. It highlights its functioning in both

How to learn english if you are a programmerProgrammers need English to communicate with computer and between each other. As a solution

Peculiarities of Indian English as a separate languageThe following paper will reveal the varieties of English pronunciation in India, its features

Start-up English for Very Busy PeopleStart-up English for Very Busy People

The Role of Puns in English ConundrumsThe Role of Puns in English Conundrums

Страница 1 из 898