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Magnetic friction: Towards the microscopic statistical description the magnetic friction force acting on the tip. The magnetic friction coefficients are expressed in terms

Computational and Experimental Evaluation of the Implementation Condition of Combined Rolling–Pressing Using the Power Balance Method quantitatively using the capacity reserve coefficient as the main criterion.

On the mechanism of formation of wear-resistant coatings on the friction surfaces of technical products in the presence of these drugs Tribo of coatings with high wear resistance and low coefficient of friction on the mating surfaces of friction units

Investigation of frictional conditions of steel sheets using pin-on-disk tribometer processes based on experimental data obtained from the pin-on-disk tribometer test. Friction coefficient

Heterogeneity of material structure determines the stationary surface topography and friction, the asymptotic shape is found in the closed integral form. Given the surface profile, the coefficient of friction

Temperature Resistance of Russian Vacuum Lubricants properties of lubricants based on perfluoropolyethers are found to be similar: they ensure a low frictional

Friction surfaces modification using tribo-compounds of forming the layers of high wear resistance and the low friction coefficient on the worn friction joint

Influence of the normal force on the sliding friction under ultrasonic oscillations have proved the hypothesis that the coefficient of friction is a function of dimensionless oscillation

К вопросу влияния параметров лазерного оплавления на трибологические характеристики покрытий на основе железа hardness of coatings increases with the change in the speed of laser processing by 15-20%, the coefficient

Optical and Tribological Properties of PVD/CVD Diamond -like Carbon Films with refraction index n 2.0, microhardness larger than 1000 HK and friction coefficient of 0.06–0.08 becomes

Страница 1 из 735