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Smooth kernel estimators of the hazard rate function and its first and second derivatives

Mixed diagnostic tests structure for learning and testing systems

Clay-salt slimes of the JSC ‘‘Belaruskali’’ as potential engineering barriers in the radioactive waste repositories: sorption of Cs(I), Sr(II), Eu(III) and Am(III)

Clay‑salt slimes of the “Belaruskali” ‑ novel sorbents for management of liquid radioactive wastes and decontamination of environmental water streams

Clay-salt slimes of the «Belaruskali» - prospective sorbents for management of the liquid radioactive wastes and decontamination of aqueous solutions

The impurity influence on the formation of oxide layers on TiAL surface

Political Speechmaking: the Art of PersuasionAntonova Irina B.
Political Speechmaking: the Art of Persuasion [Электронный ресурс

BRICS countries in the international rankings of education and innovation development

“To Trust or Not to Trust” Is Not the Question; “How to Study Trust” Is Much More Challenging Task

Relation between Communicative Tolerance and Intercultural Adaptation in International Students

Страница 1 из 264