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Fuzzy Logic Technique In MedcineFuzzy Logic Technique In Medcine

Fuzzy Logic and Intelligent Technologies in RussiaFuzzy Logic and Intelligent Technologies in Russia

Fuzzy logic application approach in control of automatic spacecraft with the desired properties, which is based on fuzzy controllers. The main method of which is fuzzy logic and soft

Automatic routing submarine robots using fuzzy logicIt is known that the fuzzy control rules for a control system is always built by designers

Application of fuzzy logic technique in medicineThe article presents a brief analysis of three areas of using of fuzzy logic technology in medicine

Control of Linear Servo Pneumatic Drive Based on Fuzzy Controller and Knowledge Base pneumatic actuator based on fuzzy logic with the ultimate task of improving the quality of control

Genetic programming elements in fuzzy logic problemsThe method of fuzzy control system parameters synthesis and adjustment is given. The method uses

Implementation of intelligent biomedical diagnostics based on the fuzzy inference system. In this article the fuzzy logic based heart disease diagnosis system is analyzed on base sixth risk that affect

Development of automated test system for diesel engines based on fuzzy logic are widely used in fuzzy-logic controller development, could be applied. The controller's main task

Improving safety on the crosswalks with the use of fuzzy logic
Improving safety on the crosswalks with the use of fuzzy logic

Страница 1 из 624