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The resistance to deformation and facture of magnesium ma2-1 under shock-wave loading at 293 k and 823 k of the temperature

The spall strength and Hugoniot elastic limit of tantalum with various grain size

Method of measurement of the dynamic strength of concrete under explosive loading

Peculiarities of evolutions of elastic-plastic shock compression waves in different materials

Effect of small preliminary deformation on the evolution of elastoplastic waves of shock compression in annealed VT1-0 titanium

New data on the kinetics and governing factors of the spall fracture of metals

Joint effect of small additives of carbon nanoparticles of different morphologies on the mechanical characteristics of cross-linked polyurethanes under static and dynamic loads

Compressive and tensile strength of steel fibrous reinforced concrete under explosive loading

The formation of elastoplastic fronts and spall fracture in AMg6 alloy under shock-wave loading

Study of mechanical characteristics under the conditions of shockwave deformation of Al-Al203 composites produced by means of shockwave compaction

Страница 1 из 12419