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Varying domain first-oder modal logic

Von Wrights theory as the subsystem of the theory D

Unexpected hydrolytic transformation of new type hybrid bromobismuthates with methylpyrazinium dicationsA series of new type hybrid bromobismuthates formed by various pyrazinium cations were isolated

How much carbon can the Siberian boreal taiga store: a case study of partitioning among the above-ground and soil pools is a relevant issue in contemporary forest ecology. We measured the above-ground and soil carbon pools

Социально-экономическая трансформация и внутрирегиональный демографический отклик

Applying Friedmann models to describe the evolution of the Universe based on data from the SAI Supernovae Catalog

Photosynthetic Pigments in Siberian Pine and Fir under ClimateWarming and Shift of the Timberline to climate change and a shift of the timberline. Such a shift may modify the ecological functions

Observation of an interference of coherent bremsstrahlung and parametric mechanisms for radiation by relativistic electrons in a crystalCoherent emission of radiation by electrons at the sistem of atomic planes in a silicon cristal has

Defining Types of Learning Individuals: a Phase Portrait Approach-called phase portraits are graphical representations of a system dynamics in two-dimensional space of a value

Поток информации при решении студентами вуза простой исследовательской задачиIn the paper, we use a new approach to measure the information flow used for problem solving

Страница 1 из 27049