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Maks Aizikovich Akivis

Smooth loops. I

On weak and special deformations of webs

Geo-odular axiomatics of affine spaces

Homogeneous spaces and quasigroups-L. V. Sabinin construction establishing the equivalence of categories of left loops and left

The enhancement of hydroxyapatite thermal stability by Al doping

Increasing the sintering rate and strength of ZrO₂- Al₂O₃ ceramic materials by iron oxide additions

Frequency of EGFR mutations in non-small cell lung cancer patients: screening data from West Siberia

EPR of Radiation-Induced Nitrogen Centers in Hydroxyapatite: New Approaches to the Study of Electron-Nuclear Interactions

Dynamics of Coronavirus spread in terms of chemical reaction kinetics

Страница 1 из 12415