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Modified dispersion law for spin waves coupled to a superconductor© 2018 Author(s). In this work, we consider dispersion laws of spin waves that propagate in a

Distribution of pairing functions in superconducting spin valve SF1F2 ±1 of the superconducting pairing function has been obtained for di fferent regimes of switching of a

Practical implementation of a model for evaluating the characteristics of information interaction of the internet of thingsThe term «Internet of things» is used as a keyword to cover various aspects related

Clouds and fog computing in the internet of things of fog computing, helping to expand the range of applications and services, with a minimum latency. Foggy

Proximity effect in multilayer structures with alternating ferromagnetic and normal layers into multilayer FF…F, FNFN…FN, and NFNF…NF structures being in contact with a superconductor with the singlet

Superconducting triplet spin valveWe study the critical temperature Tc of SFF trilayers (S is a singlet superconductor, F is a

Distribution of pairing functions in superconducting spin-valve switching modes2 trilayers (S is a singlet superconductor, F1 and F2 are ferromagnetic metals), where the long

Josephson coupling across a long single-crystalline Cu nanowire© 2017 Author(s).We report on a fabrication method and electron-transport measurements

Expansion of a superconducting vortex core into a diffusive metal© 2018 The Author(s). Vortices in quantum condensates exist owing to a macroscopic phase coherence

Nonlinear spin waves in ferromagnetic/superconductor hybrids in these hybrid structures emerges due to the non-monotonous dependence of magnetization of a superconducting

Страница 1 из 22190