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Pharmacological correction of intercept hemodynamics in acute kidney damage (part 1) the kidney vessels and conduct a qualitative and quantitative evaluation of renal blood flow. Peculiarities

The main directions for pharmacological correction (combinations of drugs for general anesthesia) of neurological and cognitive disorders in patients with neoplasms of the central nervous systemThe aim of the study was to develop a goal-oriented combination of drugs for general anesthesia

Pharmacological correction of intrarenal hemodynamic disorders in acute kidney injury (part 2) with acute kidney injury of different origin. A prospective nonrandomized study. Inclusion criteria: patients

Evaluation of the influence of combinations of drugs for general anesthesia on change of activity of stress-limiting and stress-realizing links on the clinical model of acute stress damageWhen a person is in a state of anesthesia - sedation, the realization of the stress reaction

Алгебры Ли и ассоциативные алгебры: учебное пособие

A local construction of Riemannian metricA local construction of a Riemannian metric on a smooth manifold is given by the following theorem.

Центроиды многоугольников и самосовмещение элементов n-арных групп G.

Hydrogen passivation effects in InGaAlP and InGaP in p-InGaP. The influence of hydrogen treatment mode (direct plasma or a crossed-beams source in which

Formation of a Plasma Ring by a Microwave Discharge in a Narrow Coaxial Cavity beyond the ECR RegionResults are presented from the experimental study of conditions for the formation of a plasma ring


Страница 1 из 56776