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Implementation of heat pump systems for minimizing heat losses with ventilating steam supplyThis article proposes the use of an aircraft compressor for a heat pump installation to potentially

Energy effectivity of air source heat pump parameters and restriction to the pressure loss. Obtained the distribution pressure losses in the heat pump

Effect of pressure loss on energy efficiency of steam-compression heat transformersIt is investigated how pressure losses in the equipment elements from the refrigerant side

Пути снижения нормативных теплопотерь в жилых зданияхMethod for Decrease of Standard Heat Losses in Residential Buildings

Optimization of micro gas-turbine-recuperator heat transfer surface-pressure loss is one of the key tasks in a micro gas turbine design process. This paper presents recuperator

Моделирование нестационарного теплообмена в конструкциях из многослойных каркасных панелей is presented. Heat losses through the constructions may be calculated. Inleakage of air through joints between

EVALUATION OF HYDRAULIC AND THERMAL LOSSES IN OIL PIPELINES IN COLD AREAS paraffin content in cold areas. A theoretical calculation of the thermal losses in the oil pipeline

Evaluation of heat transporting losses due to changes of insulation properties during operation the transporting heat losses taking into account the actual operating conditions of the pipelines

EXAMINATION OF THERMAL INSULATION OF EXTERNAL WALLS USING THERMAL IMAGER conditions with a cold period of the year, but also for climatic regions with increased heat input

A borehole temperature during drilling in a fractured rock formationDrilling in brittle crystalline rocks is often accompanied by a fluid loss through the finite

Страница 1 из 1179