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Depolymerized Chitosan Enhances the Lysis of Staphylococcus aureus Cells by Lysostaphin

Ribonucleases as antiviral agents

Probiotics for plants: NO-producing lactobacilli protect plants from drought, reduction or decrease of oxidative stress detected by the accumulation of H2O2 and MDA was found in leaves

Induction of SOS response by autoregulatory factors of microorganisms

Role of Nitric Oxide Produced by Lactobacilli in Relaxation of Intestinal Smooth Muscles

Biomimetic cell-mediated three-dimensional assembly of halloysite nanotubes

Binase and other microbial RNases as potential anticancer agents

Genotoxic Effects of Metabolic Derivatives of the New Drug Phosphabenzide

Genotoxic effects of metabolic derivatives of the new drug phosphabenzide

Mutagenic potential as an integral index of soil pollution by oil components

Страница 1 из 6876