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On transitive differentiable modulo pn functions

The universal vulnerability exploitation platform for CTF

Artyom Vesyoly's "Barefoot truth" and Boris Guber's "Smithereens" in the context of the fading of revolutionary feelingsThe article deals with the creative dialogue of the stories "Barefoot truth" by Artyom Vesyoly

"Босая правда" Артёма Весёлого и "Осколки" Бориса Губера в контексте "линяния" революционных чувствThe article deals with the creative dialogue of the stories “Barefoot truth” by Artyom Vesyoly

Unsymmetrical pyrazole-based PCN pincer NiII halides: Reactivity and catalytic activity in ethylene oligomerization

The Russia–China entente and its future

Portuguese military discourse in Brazil

The Concept and Features of Narcotic Drugs in the Legal Turnover as an Object of Legal Relations

Universities and local communities: problems and perspectives of interaction

The Universities and the local community development (the case of Tomsk region)

Страница 1 из 11832