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Comparative characteristics of medical stability m. tuberculosis in Belgorod and Voronezh regions, Russia

Development of the forecast model for management of the disbalance between the labor markets and educational services in the construction industry

Pecularities of the influence of cyclophosphamide and imunophan on the processes of apoptosis and necrosis in Peyers patches of rats small intestine

Abstract Concepts Through the Lens of Linguistic and Extra-Linguistic Knowledge

Introduction of Maclura Pomifera (RAF.) C.K. Schneid, Moraceae Link families under the conditions of the botanical graden of the NRU “Belsu” (Belgorod, Russia)

Floral complexes with the involvement of Adonis Vernalis L. (fam. Ranunculaceae juss.) and environmental assessment of the conditions of their formation in the Southwest of Central-Russian Upland

Methodical approach to conducting a comprehensive pharmacoeconomic study of drug care in medical organizations

Dynamics of drug sustainability Mycobacterium tuberculosis in the Belgorod region for the period of 2008-2017

Opportunities for the analysis of the spatial ecological structure of the mycobiota of macromycetes of a natural-territorial entity (the case of the Botanical Garden of Belgorod University, Belgorod, Russia)

New trophic classification of wood-destroying fungi the case of community of pathogenic polypore fungi types on Pedunculate oak

Страница 1 из 17744