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Some current concerns of Neo-Darwinism: gene introgression throughout a species border

Sequence Diversity at Cyt-b and Co-1 mtDNA Genes in Animal Taxa Proved Neo-Darwinism

Cytochrome b (Cyt-b) gene sequence analysis in six flatfish spesies (Teleostei, Pleuronectidae), with phylogenetic and taxonomic insights

Inferences in Leuciscinae (Pisces, Cyprinidae) Phylogeny and Taxonomy Based on Cytochrome B Sequence Distances and on Enzyme Loci Diversity

Analysis of association between allozyme variability and fitness characteristics in the fry of pink salmon (Oncorhynchus gorbuscha) in mass crosses

Genetic and morphobiological study of pacific herring (Clipea pallasi) populations from the seas of Japan and Okhotsk

Genetic variability and differentiation in salmonid fish

Molecular phylogenetics of pricklebacks and other percoid fishes from the Sea of Japan

Sequence divergence at mitochondrial genes in animals: Applicability of DNA data in genetics of speciation and molecular phylogenetics

Allozyme and morphometric analysis of two common mussel species of the genus mytilus (Mollusca, Mytilidae) in Korean, Japanes and Russian waters

Страница 1 из 136