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Cycloheptatriene in the reaction of ene synthesis with diethylazodicarboxylate

The effect of pressure on the equilibrium in the Diels-Alder reaction between 9-chloroanthracene and tetracyanoethylene

Apparent molar volumes and enthalpies of solution of tetracyanoethylene in some solvents and of butan-1-ol in n-octane at different concentrations

Effect of pressure on the rate of the Diels-Alder reaction of diethyl azodicarboxylate with 9,10-dimethylanthracene

Reactions at Elevated Pressures. II. Effect of Pressure on the Rate of Decomposition of the Diels-Alder Adduct of Tetracyanoethylene and 9-Chloroanthracene

Enthalpies of Sublimation, Solution, and Solvation of N-Arylmaleimides

Effect of a competing n donor on the rate of AlCl3-catalyzed Diels-Alder reaction of 9,10-dimethylanthracene with maleic anhydride

Solvent effect on the partial molar volume and the enthalpy of solution of gallium chloride

Effect of Elevated External Pressure on the Rate of the Diels-Alder Reaction of 9-Methylanthracene with Acrylonitrile, Catalyzed by Gallium Chloride

Influence of packing of the reactants and products in solution on the volume parameters of the diels-alder reaction

Страница 1 из 13274