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Modeling of nonelastic interactions of optical solitons

Numerical modeling of interaction of vortex structures in fluids and plasmas

Solitary waves in fluids with variable dispersion

Critical parameters at the interaction of vortical structures in a fluid

Classification of Multidimensional Solitary Solutions of the GKP Equation by Use of Qualitative and Asymptotic Analysis

Modified CD Method and Simulation of Vortical Structures in a Plasma and Fluids

Analysis of Self-Organized Criticality in Seismological Models

Investigation of interaction of the vortex structures by virtue of modified contour dynamic method and formation of the fractal vortices

Nonlinear dynamics of the solitary vortices and the wave structures in the complex media

Simulation of Vortical Structures' Dynamics. I. The Modified CD Method

Страница 1 из 148