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Infectious diseases of oak branches and trunk in Belarus in the republic.The conducted studies haveshown thatevery year there is a whole rangeofplant pathogenic fungithat

Fungicide screening for the english oak protection from the powdery mildew

The wood mechanical properties changes of norway spruce dying and dead tree

Assessment of biological efficiency of existent insecticides against forest pests

Assessing of the biological effectiveness of the biological preparation Aktofit approved for use in the FSC-certified forestries of a biological product Aktofit 0.2%, CE for protection of harvested timber from spruce stems pests

Registration tests of insecticide Viriy, CS on forest stends pests given a high performance with rate of application at 0.5 l/ha (death-rate on seventh day was 97

Poster: Intensive learning technologies as a trend in education digitalizationPoster: Intensive learning technologies as a trend in education digitalization

Maks Aizikovich Akivis

Mechanisms of antioxidant protection and the photoinduced death of cisplatin-sensitive and – resistant ovarian adenocarcinoma cells

Antioxidant mechanisms in ovary adenocarcinoma cells resistant to cisplatin do not rescue from photonecrosis: implications for photodynamic therapy

Страница 1 из 24438