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Maks Aizikovich Akivis

PHOTOSYNTHESIS IN GENERATIVE ORGANS OF TRITICALE) of original forms and F-2 hybrids of winter and spring triticale were investigated. The total amount

Synthesis of nanostructured graphene-NiO hybrid

Wet synthesis and characterization of hybrid nanopowders based on oxygen-free graphene and ZrO2

Diversification of Russian oil and gas upstream companies

On the invariance conditions of almost Hermitian structure classes under holomorphically-projective transformations

Phenomenological Rule from Correlations of Conduction/Valence Band Energies and Bandgap Energies in Semiconductor Photocatalysts: Calcium Bismuthates versus Strontium Bismuthates

Accumulation and distribution of rare earth elements in late pleistocene bottom sediments of ice Onega lake (data from the small lake Polevskoye)

Ebastine in the Treatment of Seasonal Allergic Rhinitis

Evaluation of gas industry competitiveness in the foreign market

Страница 1 из 17731