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Methodology of e-economy infrastructure research

THz laser spectroscopy exosome analysis of saliva and blood plasma

Analysis of the spectral characteristics of promising liquid carriers in the terahertz spectral range

Investigation of glycation products by THz time-domain spectroscopy

Creation of a magnetic driven gate for THz rays

Investigation of the electric field distribution in the human brain based on MRI and EEG data the Maxwell’s equations with boundary conditions corresponding to electric potentials at the EEG electrodes

Методика оценки рисков информационной безопасности в системах электронной экономики

Paraffin embedded cancer tissue 2D terahertz imaging and machine learning analysis

Possibilities of laser spectroscopy for monitoring the profile dynamics of the volatile metabolite in exhaled air

Possibilities of cytospectrophotometry of oncological prostate cancer tissue analysis in the TGz spectral range

Страница 1 из 16848