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Evaluation of carbamylated darbepoetin acute toxicity

Evaluation of carbamylated darbepoetin acute toxicity

Comparative study of the pharmacological effects of Venarus Plus, Venarus, and Detralex on L-NAME-induced endothelial dysfunction, venous tone and platelet aggregation

Carbamylated darbepoetin in combination with ethoxydol attenuates doxorubicin-induced cardiomyopathy in rats

Sociological modeling of smart city with the implementation of UN sustainable development goals

Permafrost and lakes control river isotope composition across a boreal Arctic transect in the Western Siberian lowlands

The value changes redox system the body fluid media for life processes and the action of drugs

Pharmacological screening antihypoxic and cytoprotective properties of mexidol and analogs of human erythropoietin in cultured leukocytes of pigs

Effect of carbamylated darbepoetin administration at different doses on the thymus and spleen structure of rats

Natality and mortality with reduced RED-OX potential drinking water

Страница 1 из 17722