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Influence of the waste composition on the properties of paper sheets

On the distribution of orders of Frobenius action on l-torsion of abelian surfaces — Atkin algorithm for point counting on an elliptic curve E over a finite field Fq. The idea of Schoof

The 35-day cycle in the X-ray binary HZ Her/Her X-1

Structure and properties of nano- and microcomposite coating based on Ti–Si–N/WC–Co–Cr of coatings: Ti–Si–N/WC–Co–Cr/steel and Ti–Si–N/steel. We found that the top coating of Ti–Si–N

Process research into metallic pipe wear of hot chamber die casting machines and methods ofincreasing wear resistance

Search for and study of photometric variability in magnetic white dwarfs

Optimization of heat treatment modes of steel 4Kh5MFS for metal conduits of hot-chamber pressure casting machines according to results of endurance tests in molten TsAM-4-1

Fluorine-containing n-6 and angular and linear n-6-n’ (n, n’=5, 6, 7) diaza-heterocyclic scaffolds assembled on benzene core in unified way chemistry. The methodology is exemplified with n-6 and angular and linear n6-n’ (n, n’=5, 6, 7) scaffolds

Modelling of 35-d superorbital cycle of B and V light curves of IMXB HZ Her/Her X-1

Evolution of inhibitor-resistant natural mutant forms of HIV-1 protease probed by pre-steady state kinetic analysis

Страница 1 из 15825