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Problems and prospects of interaction between employers and universities: approaches to assessing employer satisfaction with professional skills of graduates

The specificity of the social-publicistic discourse of soft power in modern foreign politics of China

Terrorist threat in Russia: Transformation of confessional relationships

The features ofsinicization ofsiberian russians in the context of "soft power" policy

Дореформенная западносибирская юстиция Российской империи в трудах В.А. Воропанова

Formation and temperature stability of GaSb islands on Si(111)

3D structure of thin films by means of focal series

Thermoelectric properties of nanostructured material based on Si and GaSb

Si matrix charge state influence on photoresponse of Si layers with embedded β-FeSi2 nanocrystals

Photoconductivity and conductivity processes in Si-Sn films grown on Si(100) substrate at room temperature

Страница 1 из 45