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Rethinking discourse analysis: back to Foucault

Placing the man in media studies: theoretical representations of man media relations

Influence of annealing on nanocrystal formation in Ni amorphous alloy

Fabrication of bismuth films by a melt spinning method and the influence of annealing on their microstructureThe conditions of fabrication of bismuth films with thickness from 5 to 30 μm by a melt spinning

How do new media contribute to image-making? The case of personalized web-communications on runet

Interdiscursive nature of journalistic blog communicationThe paper discusses interdiscursivity as a specifying feature of journalism on blogs Journalistic

Media education, media industry, mass media theory: interrelations and conflict of interests

Effective Project Management with Theory of Constraints to be used in a one-project structures, plus a tool to synchronize the implementation of projects - "drum

Массовая коммуникация и медиадискурс: к методологии исследования

Towards an inclusive approach to understanding the right to life and the right to adequate housing in the activities of the universal human rights mechanisms proposals to ensure a more inclusive understanding and application of the right to life and the right

Страница 1 из 23831