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Extractive properties of blended solvents

Extractive properties of blended solvents

Personality features and values orientations of university students with manipulative behaviour

Prospects for the use of medicinal forms of nifedipine in Medicine and Pharmacy (review)

Economic Sectors Development Evaluation in Innovations Triple-Helix Model

Model of Emergency Prevention, Response and Recovery in the System of Military and Economic Secutiry of Russia

Peculiarities of the Activities of Prosecution Agencies in the Anti-Corruption Direction (by the Example of the Republics of the North Caucasus)

Сток в ландшафтах водосборов Ишимской равнины (по результатам исследований на ключевых участках)V.M. Kalinin’s method

[Pb2F2](SeO4): a heavier analogue of grandreefite, the first layered fluoride selenate.98(1)°, V = 545.93(1) Å 3 . Its structure has been refined from powder data to R B = 1.55%. From thermal

Investigation of the syndrome of "emotional burnout" among psychiatrists-narcologists with an assessment of its impact on the quality of care for narcological patients

Страница 1 из 12412