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Peculiarities of soliton motion in molecular systems with high dispersion

Regulatory and legislative aspects of the ecological evaluation and control of soil degradation in russia on the basis of the assessment of soil ecological functions

Role of nonideality of diffusion processes in the formation of dissipative structures

Formation of new types of inhomogeneous spatial structures in the chemical reaction in imperfect systems

Effect of secondary processes on material hardening under low temperature radiation

Grain boundary diffusion patterns under nonequilibrium and migration of grain boundaries in nanoctructure materials

Conditions and numerical simulation of dissipative structure formation in imperfect double-component reaction-diffusion systems

Nonlinear concentration waves in an imperfect reacting diffusion system

Relative contribution of real and virtual photon diffraction to the parametric X-ray yield

Possibility of ⁹⁹ ͫ Tc production at neutron generator

Страница 1 из 12413