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Chaos in saw map

Асимптотические формулы для числа решений некоторых диофантовых уравнений

SIMULATION OF P2P NETWORK WITH LAGS FOR THE LATEST FIRST DOWNLOAD STRATEGYA simulation model of the data interchange between peers' buffers in live streaming P2P network

Application of Self-Gonfiguring Genetic Algorithm for Human Resource Management

A model of multi-key steganographic system

Calculation of transition probabilities matrix for video data buffering in streaming P2P network the process of video data exchange between users of P2P streaming network is obtained.

A method of syntactic text steganography based on modification of the document-container aprosh

A formal description of a multi-key steganographic systems

Multicriteria Model of Distribution of P2P-TV Data Streams on HypergraphsThis article describes the problem of the distribution data streams process in P2P video streaming

Mortality in Russia

Страница 1 из 8867