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CREATIVE NAMING IN THE ASPECT OF TEACHING IN THE INFORMATIONAL ERA in the aspect of teaching the native language. Commercial names, whose wide spread is due to the market economy

The research on peculiarities of fast moving consumer goods' brand names perceptionThe paper analyzes the perception of brand names of fast moving consumer goods by the target

Meaning as convention: A puzzling effect of aristotelian theory of names as names have conventional meanings. This theory of meaning poses a problem because it is unclear how

Word building of international brands names that are used to create names of international brands. The aim of the article is to study the history

Эргоним как источник культурно-эстетической информации (на материале названий российских рок-групп)Ergonyms (names of groups and companies) in the sphere of rock culture are discussed. Several

Chilean place names semioticsThis article focuses on Chilean place names that are analyzed from semiotic point of view

Chilean place names semiotics [Perfil semiótico de la toponimia chilena]This article focuses on Chilean place names that are analyzed from semiotic point of view

Historical and linguistic system of Turkic names and some specific features of creating vocabulary© Serials Publications. This article envisages names of Turkic origin to determine its genealogic

Репрезентанты концепта человек социальный в сфере прозвищ Республики КомиPRECEDENT NAMES

General name as cultural code of siberian tatars the pedigree and generic names of the Siberian Tatars in the linguocultural aspect. The source of the research

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