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Support for students with disabilities in the UK universities

Engineering ethics and the future

Communication spaces in the twenty-first century: Newsrooms, websites and garages

Zero carbon home: Britain’s house of the future (?)

Beyond meaning: Peirce's interpretant as a meta-semiotic condition for communicationIn Bergsonism, we come to a halt when it comes to communication because it involves static immobile

Meaning making in communication processes: the role of a human agency or interpretive thought to be a condition of signification, which necessarily involves an interpreting agent, a

Career construction: inclusive education from school to college and university

Internet of things as a symbolic resource of powerInternet of things as a symbolic resource of power

Scottish philosophy in the nineteenth and twentieth centuriesThis is a remarkable collection of essays. The contributors give ample evidence of the vigour

Book Review. Jason Hannan (ed), Philosofical Profiles in the Theory of Communication, New York, Peter Lang Publishing Inc., 2012, 519 p.

Страница 1 из 22207