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The Prevalence of caries among 12-18 years old children in Lebanon

The news stories in the narrative style in the British newspapers

Технико-экономические показатели строительства индивидуальных жилых домов

Antitumor macrophage response to bacillus pumilus ribonuclease (Binase)© Copyright 2017 Anna Makeeva et al. Extracellular bacterial ribonucleases such as binase from

Asset turnover analysis based on interval censored data using quantile

Efficiency of paste and suspension with nano-hydroxyapatite on the sensitivity of teeth with gingival recession [Éffektivnost' vliianiia pasty i suspenzii s nano-gidroksiapatitom na chuvstvitel'nost' zubov pri retsessii desny]

The efficacy of electroodontodiagnosis by means of various types of current

Periodontal diseases and complicated pregnancy [Bolezni parodonta i oslozhnennoe techenie beremennosti]

Comparative assessment of various composite materials and natural natural tooth tissue translucencies

Treatment of an endo-perio lesion with ozone gas in a patient with aggressive periodontitis: A clinical case report and literature review periodontitis and poor prognosis. © 2020 Makeeva et al.

Страница 1 из 67859