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Probing into the Mythological Images in Mao Zedong's Poem "Immortals: Reply to Li Shuyi" will discuss the different dimensions in the mythological images in Mao Zedong’s poem, Die Lian Hua: Reply

Mao Zedong's main foreign policy strategiesThe article is devoted to the main strategies of Mao Zedong's foreign policy since the formation

THE SITUATION IN TIBET IN THE 1950S: POLICY OF MAO ZEDONG AND THE DALAI LAMA century that led to the PLA troops entering Tibet, and opinions of PRC Chairman Mao Zedong and the Tibetan

Chinese diplomacy: Context of academic discourseThe article examines the seventy-year history of the diplomacy of the People’s Republic of China

MAO ZEDONG AND THE FORMATION OF A DIPLOMATIC STRATEGY "HOLDING ONE SIDE", was most beneficial for achieving its goals. Therefore, the CCP leader Mao Zedong developed a long

Structure analysis, tuning photoluminescence and enhancing thermal stability on Mn4+-doped La2-xYxMgTiO6 red phosphor for agricultural lighting

Red shift properties, crystal field theory and nephelauxetic effect on Mn4+-doped SrMgAl10-yGayO17 red phosphor for plant growth LED light

Experimental cell for molecular beam deposition and magnetic resonance studies of matrix isolated radicals at temperatures below 1 K the deposition rate in the range from 0.01 to 10 molecular layers/s, and measure the thickness with ∼0

Sino-french relations in the context of the revision in the foreign policy of the Peoples’ Republic of China (60s-mid 70s of the 20 th century) of Mao Zedong’s ruling.

Dynamic nuclear polarization of high-density atomic hydrogen in solid mixtures of molecular hydrogen isotopes

Страница 1 из 11834